Model FSC40 and FSC400 - Feed Stations



Reduce concentrate waste, save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and create cost savings.

Core benefits

  • Up to four different feeds
  • Robust design
Optimize herd health and milk yield

With DeLaval feed stations you can program an individual feeding plan for each cow, based on lactation phase and milk yield. Your cows have access to their individual concentrate ration in small portions regularly throughout the day.

Feeding cows individually optimizes their general health, milk yield and fertility. You can step up feed intake at the start of lactation and reduce it towards drying-off. This also saves costs on expensive concentrates by avoiding overfeeding.

Choice of feed stations

DeLaval feed station FSC40 is made in galvanized steel, with a plastic feed manger.

DeLaval feed station FSC400 has stainless steel for all parts in contact with the feed – a real benefit if you dispense minerals in the feed station.

  • Compact feed stations
  • Robust, designed for long life and low maintenance
  • Open design provides good visibility and cow comfort
  • Feeds a consistent blend of up to four different feedstuffs
  • Smart software enables rations to be delivered evenly throughout the day
Optional features to optimize feed stations:
  • DeLaval auger to move feedstuffs to the feed station
  • DeLaval mineral dispenser
  • DeLaval liquid dispenser LD1000 or LD500
  • DeLaval rubber mat RM21S
  • DeLaval back gate
Choice of processors for feed station control

Stand-alone DeLaval feeding processor FP204X is a desktop computer for easy feed programming and monitoring.

The feed station can be connected to DeLaval VMS or to DeLaval ALPRO™ herd management for fully integrated feed management.

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