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- Model KSF-K Series - Compact Plant



The FSM compact unit type KSF-K offers high efficiency with a very small space requirement. Type KSF-K is designed for flow rates of 5 l/s and above. In combination with an upstream FSM screening unit, we provide an optimum installation for mechanical pre-treatment of waste water from one source.

Operation of the compact installation:

  • The waste water is pumped or flows freely into the flume of the screen, where it is cleaned. The screenings are discharged, de-watered and compacted. In this process, the water flows through the screen, while coarse material is retained. The screen unit is resistant to wear from grit and stones.
  • FSM's proven machine components are used for the screen and the compactor.
  • The aerated grit chamber is designed in accordance with DWA-Standards in respect of separation of mineral superfines.
  • The complete length the grit chamber is provided with large bubble aeration.
  • The separated grit collects on the bottom of the tank. The grit is conveyed to a grit pump or a grit classifier by a spiral conveyor.
  • The grease trap is located parallel to the grit separator, separated from this by lamellas.
  • Floating grease collects in the grease trap and is directed into a hopper by a scraper.
  • A pump removes the grease discontinuously from the hopper.
  • The installation is provided with an emergency by-pass of the screen.
  • A by-pass for the complete plant can be installed optionally.

Applications in municipal and industrial clarification plant

  • waste water pretreatment / fine screening
  • septage reception and treatment

Industrial applications

  • meat, fish and poultry processing / slaughterhouses –pretreatment of total waste water
  • composting installations, waste product and disposal engineering, seepage water treatment
  • fruit and vegetable processing – pretreatment of total waste water
  • fruit and vegetables – pretreatment of total waste water
  • breweries – pretreatment of total waste water
  • animal processing industry – pretreatment of total waste water

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