Model FTM - Mulcher



FTM NEW mulcher built with single shell, shaft and average hammers, supports steel reinforced, is suited for work on cutting grass and pruning small and medium size.

Deflector to the maximum opening
Space of maximum unloading excellent cutting of grass and elevated speed of advancement.

Deflector to the minimum opening
Space of unloaded reduced, material taken back for a perfect cutting of wood and good speed of advancement.

FTM NEW mulcher with hydraulic moving to slide assembled with 4 interchangeable autolubricating bushings. Compact machine preferable in hilly areas where the movements can affect the stability of the tractor

FTM NEW mulcher with to parallelogram hydraulic or mechanical shift side, assembled on 8 interchangeable autolubricating bushings. Very dynamic in moving and conducive to avoidance of obstacles.

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