- Model FTX100 - Mulching Tractor



Combining compact size with big tractor performance, the FTX100 is forestry tough and ground friendly. Safety, comfort, power and reliability are keys to running hard and running right in land clearing, right-of-way, and other land improvement projects.

  • Attachment Versatility
  • 3-point Cab Egress
  • 40% More Cooling Capacity Than Many Skid Steer Designs

Rugged, well-guarded and compact, the FTX100 is built for the woods. The FTX100 works in tough conditions and keeps its cool with 40% more cooling capacity than traditional skid steers. The FTX100 offers robust features in a compact package, including 3 point cab egress with 1/2' Lexan windshield protection, sound insulation, and better-than-industry-standard controls.

The ergonomically designed operator's seat provides comfort for long shifts and tight schedules. The LGP model offers lower ground pressure and higher ground clearance than other mulchers in its class. This compact but powerful carrier is an excellent mulcher with versatile attachment capability, rugged undercarriage design and easy service access.

The heavy-duty steel tracked FTX100 tractor with a Fecon Bull Hog is the high performance solution to land clearing challenges in light commercial, residential and urban interface projects. With large compartment doors for access, Fecon's patented rotor brake, and attachment versatility, the FTX100 is the easy to haul and simple to maintain choice in compact mulching machines today.

If your work is site prep, brush clearing, wetland restoration, firebreaks, or invasive species control, the FTX100 is the tractor for your best bottom line results.

FTX100 Standard Features

  • Cab Door with 11/8' Lexan® Window
  • Brush Guard on Windshield and Sides
  • Roof Hatch for Emergency Exit
  • Rear Hydraulics
  • Auxiliary Low Flow Hydraulics
  • Front and Rear Lighting
  • Easy Swing Out Rear Radiator Access
  • Steel Tracks for Traction and Durability
  • Large Engine Doors for Easy Access
  • Excellent Cooling Capacity with a Reversing Fan on the Hydraulic Cooler
  • Auxiliary Engine Radiator
  • Track Tension Warning System
  • Remote Track Tension Adjustment Point
  • Pressure Test Points on One Bank
  • Removable Rear Window Egress
  • Sound Absorbing Insulation in Cab
  • Storage Ports Inside Cab
  • Solid Plate Protection Over Cooler
  • Air Flow Through Belly Pans
  • Visual and Audible Warning Systems
  • Special Application Outfitting Available
  • Quick Attach Mounting for Implements
  • Loader Arm Reach and Versatility

Seismic Exploration
Seismic exploration on forested land demands performance.  “It’s about linear feet or kilometers per day” and requires reliability and horsepower! Fecon machines are purpose built for the unique and challenging set of circumstances for clearing the woody vegetation for seismic exploration.

Vegetation Clearing
Maintaining right-of-way for roads, highways, power lines, communication lines, and other utilities has its share of challenges. The demands of the job the difficulty of the terrain, finish, and maintenance requirements, will determine the equipment selected for the job. Proper selection of attachments and undercarriage options can prove to be very profitable decisions for any type of right-of-way clearing machines.

Silviculture is the process of maintaining and improving forests. Many operators wish to mulch logging slash or standing vegetation and trees to prepare land for reforestation. One can use milling attachments of varying widths and power classes to reduce and incorporate slash and mulched material into established planting berms, or for establishing ideal planting conditions in between thinned forest stands.

Land Clearing
Terrain, density of the vegetation, soil stability, moisture, species to be treated, environmental concerns and obstacles to work around are some of the considerations when choosing the right machine for the application. The successful land-clearing contractor will usually approach the job with a variety of units including tracked or wheeled mulching machines, excavator mulchers and skid steer tractors equipped with mulching attachments as well as other tools to handle the many tasks found on the average land-clearing site.

Material Handling & Support Services

Material handling can be accomplished by use of grapples for skid steers, excavators, and PTO tractors. Utility Tracked Vehicles (UTVs) can be used to transport equipment or materials, and provide fuel and mechanical services on the job site.

Soil Stabilization

Stabilization of soils on construction sites can be performed with milling attachments and wheeled or track vehicles. Fecon’s durable Soil Hog is built tough to blend in stabilizing materials or additives to improve the soil, with an impressive production rate.

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