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Model FU160x7 ,180x7 ,200x7 ,220x7,200X15 ,220X15 ,240X1 - Universal Milling Machine


The UNIVERSAL MILLING MACHINE FUIRONMEC is particularly appreciated by farmers more attentive to innovative technologies and is able to satisfy all requirements of performance and safety, thanks to the constant quality control and low maintenance, because it doesn't require lubricant.

The FU allows the reclamation of any type of land, working surface and depth, also for organic cultivation without the use of herbicide.The   universal   milling   machine   FU crushes rocks and leaves a smooth soil. The  universal   milling   machine  does not require any specific performance tractors,  in fact it can advance with gatherspeed in surface workings in the presence of scattered stones. In the presence of sementary rock, the machine should be operated with the hydrostatic transmission. A barren ground will thus become good soil for orchards, vineyards, crops etc., increasing  enormously  its  production value. The stone crusher FU IRONMEC can be used in several applications, such as leveling and rebuilding gravel roads, crushing  debris,  cutting  fire  lines  in forests and so on.

  • Drive line safety bolt;
  • 540/1000 Rpm gearbox;
  • Extra    heavy-duty   spike   tools   for extreme condition;
  • Adjustable working depth with skids;
  • Hydraulic   adjustment   of   rear   rake screen to contain and select worked material.

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