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- Model Fuelwood Factory - Automatic Firewood Machine



Fuelwood Factory is a combination of Woodcutta 400 and either Kindlet Pro, Splitta 360 or Splitta 400 to create a fully automated arrangement for converting timber lengths into split logs or kindling. Various options are available to extend the capability of the line-up. Woodcutta 400 converts the timber into cut rings using a hydraulic chainsaw, then transfers them to the Kindlet Pro or Splitta option. The rings are converted to a split product of consistent sectional size, regardless of the ring diameter. The sectional size can be easily and quickly adjusted from log to kindling sizes . The output is then presented for bulk loading or for bagging into net bags.

The Woodcutta boasts many unique features developed by Fuelwood, The log being cut is gripped and held so it cannot twist. The cutting bar system uses .404 bar/chain which automatically regulates the cutting pressure giving optimum performance. The waste and last 'short' log is automatically ejected from the machine keeping all the processed logs to exactly the same length.

Working at optimum timber Ø40cm the machine is capable of producing 13m2/hour (solid!) per hour.

Options available include:

Powered Feed Deck to transfer timber lengths to Woodcutta 400

Output Elevator to convey split produce into bulk containers

Manual Bagga to allow net bagging of split produce

Overall Dimensions:

Plan dimensions dependent on options

With Manual Bagga
Overall width - 11.6 m (38’-0”)
Overall Height - 2.3 m (7’-6”)

With Output Elevator
Overall width - 11.7 m (38’-4”)
Overall height - up to 2.7 m (8’-10”)

Power Supplies:

415v 3 Phase 63 amp socket
15 kW (cutting function)
15 kW (splitting function)

Timber Input:

Diameter 200 mm (8”) maximum (Kindlet Pro)

Diameter 360 mm (14”) maximum (Splitta 360)

Diameter 450 mm (16”) maximum (Splitta 400)

130 mm (5”) minimum

Fully automatic - regular sectional size - produces logs or kindling wood ready aligned for bagging - proven design - high output

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    Who will be our partner for the production of firewood in Belarus ?