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- Model Splitta 360 - Automatic Logs and Kindling Machine



Fuelwood SPLITTA takes round logs up to 14' diameter and converts them into split firewood or kindling at rates over 7 cubic metres of solid timber per hour automatically! The Unique splitting blade in the form of an ‘X’ is pushed into the end grain of the log. The blade is then retracted and the log fed sideways by a controlled distance. The cycle is then repeated. The machine can be adjusted from producing firewood to kindling in a matter of seconds and the size of firewood or kindling can be set to between 15 to 120 mm square sections. SPLITTA is ideal for high volume production of bagged logs. The X-blade produces consistent size logs, with no need to re-split any large pieces!

From customer feedback they have achieved an average of 120 nets per hour with 2 persons bagging with wood cut to 8” length using the MANUAL BAGGA into nets 42x60cm. SPLITTA will produce more logs than can be bagged. So by applying more staff to the bagging operation you can increase the production of nets.

Overall dimensions:
Length 2000mm (excl. both chutes)
2275mm (excl. output chute)
3500mm (incl. both chutes)
Width 1340mm
Height 1500mm
Weight 625kg includes(3 point link, lifting point & forklift pockets)

Hydraulic supplies:
Minimum 30 lpm @ 150 Bar
Maximum 45 lpm @ 200 Bar
Hydraulic services required:
1/2' quick release female coupling for pressure
3/4' quick release female coupling for return

Timber Output:
Split section Size :- 15mm to 120mm

Option extras:
Manual Bagga Set at 6', 8' or 10' Length:-5100mm
In-feed Conveya Set at 6', 8' or 10' Length:-2450mm
Out-feed Conveya For bulk production Length:-3000mm
Conversion Kits Ring length 6' 8' 10'
Power packs : Electric 415V 9.2kw - 39ltr min @ 180 bar
PTO 3 point linkage - 45ltr min @ 180 bar

Throughput @ 40 lpm and 360mm diameter
Firewood:- 7.8 cubic metres/hour solid timber

  • Log output to produce more than 240 nets per hour
  • No oversized logs
  • Produces Logs and Kindling Wood
  • Robust Proven design

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