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Fumigation Chamber

The Air Intake Vents have a dual role, they can hold a canister with chemical tablets spaced out evenly, which is inserted into the AIV and screwed air tight. At the completion of the treatment period as per chemical manufactures recommendations, remove the end screw cap and dispose of the chemical residue in accordance with your States handling of chemical requirements. All this work is done from the safety of the ground.

Leaving the outside screw cap off after the chemical treatment period, allows fresh air to be drawn in at the bottom of the silo and pass through the silo and commodity, removing any chemical residue smell, while lowering the internal temperature and humidity of the silo.

Air Intake Vents (AIV), are designed with the safety and health of the grain handler and the commodities end consumer in mind. Silo Ventilation Systems have designed the AIV, for the grain handler to operate all chemical tablet treatments and air venting of silo at the safety of ground level. No more climbing ladders to place and remove phosphine tablets from the top of a silo. Chemical tablets don’t come in contact with the stored commodity.

The Silo Vent product range covers sealed and non sealed silos. There are no running costs or ongoing maintenance with Silo Vents products.

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