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- Phosphite Based Fungicide



Fungi-Phite Cereals, a new, phosphite-based fungicide is designed to improve suppression of deoxynivalenol (DON) in wheat and barley infected by Fusarium head blight (FHB). Fungi-Phite Cereals is recommended for use in tandem with triazole fungicides that are currently labeled and widely used for suppression of FHB by grain producers. While the triazole fungicides are effective in suppressing FHB, they have little or no direct activity on DON. Adding Fungi-Phite Cereals to triazole fungicides can:

  • Help provide an added layer of protection from DON
  • Reduce the incidence of poor quality, infected grain that limits a farmer’s income opportunity

Based on third-party field trials, Fungi-Phite Cereals reduced DON in harvested grain by 78 percent or less than 1 ppm, allowing growers the opportunity to maximize ROI.

Fungi-Phite Cereals can be applied at a rate of one quart per acre at flowering, either by ground, air or via irrigation systems.


2.5 Gal. | 30 Gal. | 285 Gal.

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