Funnel Silos FSL


SGrain silos are used for long and short timely grain storage. They are made of galvanized corrugated sheet metal construction, with diameter from 1,7 m up to 34m, and with capacity from 6 up to 16.500 tons in one silo of wheat grain. A Characteristic value is the weight of zinc range from 275g/m2 up to 450g/m2. . Tanks made from corrugated iron provide more stiffer and also more resistant to any type of deformation structure. Additional advantage of using corrugated iron in cylindrical part of tanks is refracted sun lights, to prevent excessive heating of the storage material during the summer. Why funnel silos? The main advantage of funnel silos is the easy to emptying and high discharge efficiency. They will be an ideal solution for customers, who need regular and smoothly pour the grain from the silo.

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