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Grain silo was designed for long-term and short term grain storage. It is made from structural corrugated galvanized metal sheet. In our offer one can find containers with a diameter from 3,8 to 33,4 meters and capacity from 20 to 20400 tons in the one grain container. A particular feature of each container is zinc grammage which shall be from 275 g/m² to 450g/m². Corrugated sheet provides rigid and deformation resistant structure. Fast emptying is the main advantage of such silo. Free-flowing material gets out from container in an easy way. In our offer one can find silos with funnel angle of 40°, 50° and 60°(optional). We can also offer silos for non-free- following materials such middlings, linseed, etc. Corrugated sheet is important as well because of its ability to refract the light which prevents excessive heating of stored material in summer time.

Moreover, we are trying to improve our products all the time. For instant, we has changed the roof slope angle to 34° to prevent snow retention, dangerous icing and slacks.

Funnel Silos With Internal Busket

  • In offer one can find silos with different funnel angles: 40°,50°(optional:28° and 60°)
  • Diameter from 3,8 to 8,6 m
  • Capacity from 24 to 900 tons
  • Made from corrugated galvanized metal sheet with zinc grammage of 275g/m²(450g/m² and 600g/m²,Galfan cover with the addition of 5% of aluminum or Magnelis – at the request of client)
  • Made with screws 8.8 hard
  • Corrugated sheet has an ability to refract the light which prevents excessive heating of stored material in summer time
  • Vent prevents water condensation under the roof in case of differences in temperature
  • We have developed the air-condition system which cools and ventilates the grain simultaneously
  • We use temperature monitoring system to controlling the parameters of grain

We highly recommend the new type of silos which stand out:

  • Greater capacity od silos with 50°angle(in comparison to opened funnel)
  • Reduce construction cost
  • Aesthetic look
  • Possibility to build the wall over downcast ventilator to soundproof it

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