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Using the Furora Compact you can grade and bunch large volumes of flowers into uniform bunches in an automated process. Do your customers demand variable gradings? No problem at all; the Furora Compact has the capability to process different qualities and gradings into uniform bunches – all at the same time. You create a separate programme for each cultivar so that you can easily set up several gradings. Using this bunching and grading machine, you will be confident of meeting the constantly changing demands and requirements of your customers, both today and into the future.

Unique benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Simultaneous processing of several gradings
  • Unrivalled bunch uniformity and consistency in terms of flowers and stems thanks to vertical transport and separation
  • Practical management information for improved control of production and processing

Automatic processing at the quality required

The Furora Compact automates and accelerates processing so productivity is enhanced and a labour saving of up to 50% can be achieved. Thanks to the state-of-the-art cameras, which assess each flower individually, only flowers of the required quality are selected. The grading criteria are set by you using a touch screen, and you can adjust them as and when necessary. Switching from one programme to another, for example, when you start to process a new cultivar, is also easy; everything from the processing of ungraded flowers right up to the delivery of uniform bunches can be altered at the push of a button.

A bunching machine for your business – now and in the future

No matter what your requirements are for the processing of your cut flowers, the Bercomex Furora Compact can be tailored to your specific situation. The bunching machine can be designed to precisely meet your requirements, and further modifications are always possible as and when changes occur in your business. The Compact has a modular construction, so it can be extended with a wide range of optional elements to ensure that it conforms perfectly with the processes within your business. If you have any queries, or in the event of problems, we can take a look immediately, wherever you are, thanks to our online service support system.

Uniformity and optimum quality

The Furora Compact can be used for almost any type of cut flower, and for tulips in particular. Uniformity and optimum quality are ensured by fully automated separation at the flower supply point, measuring, grading, cutting and bunching. The Compact also provides clear management information, so you always have precise information about actual production and quantities processed.

Individual assessment per flower

Using various camera techniques, each bloom is assessed for:

  • Stem length
  • Stem thickness
  • Flower volume*
  • Stem curve*
  • Maturity*
  • Number of buds*
  • Colour*

  • Capacity of up to 18,000 stems per hour

  • Suitable for almost all types of cut flower

  • Vertical, suspended flower transport for optimum bunch quality

  • Vertical, suspended flower transport for optimum bunch quality

  • Simultaneous processing of different gradings

  • Cutting per stem

  • Cutting per stem

  • Modular construction

  • Options: leaf blower and de-leafing module

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