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The automatic transplanter mod FERRARI FUTURA has been studied to transplant vegetables stored in trays of different sizes.  The machine needs just one operator to feed the transplanter robots with trays.

Every robot extracts the seedlings automatically by means of a system based on cylindrical plungers combined with moving fingers that will pick up the plugs coming out from the tray thanks to the bottom pressure of the plungers. 

No need to change the tray the customer is used to work with, on the contrary the machine will be adapted accordingly: this is one of the features that make FUTURA a totally innovative machine.

The transplanter carousel is turning in clockmotion (STOP&GO). This specific feature is extremely important to guarantee a constant drop of the plants from the carousel to the shoe. The clockmotion allows to increase the performance per hour, the precision of planting depth and distance in the row. This important feature guarantees a perfect plant timing without the need of doing any adjutment on the planter

The FUTURA yield is extremely high: up to 8,000 plants/hour/row. This transplanter can work up to 24 h/day - 7 days/week without any yield drop

This transplanting machine can work both on flat ground and raised beds. 

FUTURA is equipped with a self-cleaning kicker in the ploughshare. This device is extremely important to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the shoe.

These features are essential to guarantee a more uniform crop that means quality and competitiveness.

FERRARI FUTURA is available both in tractor pulled and self-propelled version. The self-propelled version can guarantee: easy manoeuvrability, reduction of dead times, no need for tractor driver

  • Working capacity: up to 8,000 plants / hour / row
  • High suitability to the majority of the trays in commerce
  • Missing plant compensator
  • Min row distance 30 cm (12') [Twin version]
  • High tolerance to different grounds

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