- Teat Scrubber Prep System



The FutureCow Prep System creates a consistent cleaning process in one easy step to help achieve cleaner, healthier cows every time. The FutureCow Teatscrubber will enhance milk quality and improve udder health, all while increasing the dairy’s bottom line. Only FutureCow provides a unique disinfectant that provides precise and instant removal of contaminants on the teat without leaving any residue.

What To Expect With FutureCow

At FutureCow, our mission is to help progressive dairy farmers reduce the cost of doing business and improve performance. The FutureCow Teatscrubber does just that by accomplishing all pre-milking procedures in one easy step. The patented 3-part system is an extremely cost-effective way to lower labor expenses and increase milk production. This advanced technology allows cows to spend less time in the parlor while improving udder health and milk quality. By combining FutureCow’s innovative system with our patented disinfectant, the teatscrubber delivers profitable results for any dairy producer.What makes FutureCow different than the others? We have taken the time necessary to design a teatscrubber with the utmost in cow comfort and milk production in mind. The durable, yet soft, brushes efficiently remove soil while providing needed stimulation. Brush speed and pressure have been studied and optimized for maximum let down and milk out. Our unique cleaner provides precise removal of contaminants. Over a period of 30 to 60 days, producers report a significant improvement in teat-end conditions, as well as treated cows.Improved Profitability

  • Most operations can eliminate one full-time position per shift
  • Rotary parlors require one less person: Herringbone and Parallel parlors require 1-2 less
  • When labor can not be reduced, ability to milk more cows per hour with same amount of workers
Increased Efficiency
  • Cow prep is streamlined and accomplished in one step, shortening the amount of time required for traditional prep
  • Eliminates one whole pass for workers
  • Brush speed is optimized for maximum let down and milk out
  • Unique disinfectant provides rapid kill of microorganisms
Improved Udder Health
  • Durable, soft brushes remove soil while providing needed stimulation
  • Only prep system with antimicrobial brushes which eliminate the possibility of bacterial growth between uses
  • Multiple layer teat end brush accounts for varying teat lengths
  • Most users see a reduction of hyperkeratosis, SCC, and mastitis

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