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Model FWS-4N - Electronic Feed Weigher



The FWS-4N can be applied to weigh dry granular animal feed. The feed is supplied through one or multiple supply augers at the top of the feed weigher. When using multiple supply augers, the top of the feed weigher can be fitted with the optional TRECH-FWS. The weighed feed portions are discharged from underneath the feed weigher. The feedweigher can be mounted onto a console OS-FWS, and a receiving bin (OPV-FWS) can be placed under the feed weigher. Both; the console and the receiving bin are optional available.

Feed weighing principle
One or multiple supply augers fill the FWS-4N's weighing bin with a certain amount of feed. When the feed supply has stopped, the FWS-4N weighs the amount of feed in its weighing bin. The results of the weighing are processed by a central computer. The weighed portion can be discharged by means of an external signal from your central computer. The portion drops in the receiving bin and the discharge auger transports the portions to the feed lines. In the mean time the supply auger is already filling the FWS-4N's weighing bin for the next portion. This process can repeat itself continuously, so a constant supply of weighed feed is realised. See drawing.

The FWS-4N can be controlled three ways;

  • Automatic, through central computer signal Manual, through button on FWS-4N
  • Manual, through switch on panel

The feed weigher must be placed in a dry (free from aggressive gasses) room, to prevent caking of feed to the weighing bin.

Discharge auger capacity
The discharge capacity is always lower than the filling capacity of the used supply auger. Because of this, the discharge auger capacity must be lower than the capacity of the supply auger. To calculate the feed weigher discharge capacity DC [kg/h] the next values must be taken in consideration:

  • FC = filling capacity supply auger [kg / h]
  • SG = specific gravity of feed [kg / dm3]
  • FA = filling amount [kg]
  • EC = effective content FWS-4N =75 dm3
  • Ct = weighing time constant (depending on number of feed components)

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