- Model FX 9 - Bar Hydraulic Carts


The FX cart is a SUPER HEAVY DUTY forward folding unit for use with the 9-bar flexible harrow section (Flex 9) The forward folding feature makes it very easy to back the unit up when it is attached to your disc or field cultivator. The FX cart has an easy to use fulcrum system for raising and locking the wing booms into transport position. The FX cart can be modified to handle standard 5-bar flexible harrow sections also.


6” channel iron cart sides.
4” x 16” hydraulic cylinder is furnished
4” sq. High Strength Tubing in Tool Bar
All standard 15” wheels
11L x 15 tires required for cart.
P205/75R15 required for wing boom

OPTIONAL UFX-1100 & UFX-1100A Hydraulic Forward Fold Kits available.

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