- Model SC174 - Flail Mower



The Vrisimo Super Series Flail Mower provides the same versatility, toughness and efficiency of the MiniMax and Mighty Max mowers with added cutting width and power. It’s a great option to keep orchard floors in top shape before and after harvest. The Super Series’ universal hitch means provides the flexibility of using a center or offset mount. Cutting capacity .5-1.0”

  • 3-Point Hitch. Category 1 A-frame assures power and control
  • Dual Hitch.  Center-mounted with a 6-inch offset
  • Scoop Knives. Provides maximum cutting strength
  • Torque. 540 PTO
  • True Shaft Technology. An electronically balanced cutter drum with serviceable hubs to ensure straight shafts that run smooth for years of reliable, vibration-free operation
  • Adjustable Cutting Heights. Adjustable rear roller

The Super Series Flail Mower comes standard with fine cut scoop knives that create a vacuum effect, lifting debris and vegetation for improved mulching. It offers cutting widths from 74 to 120 inches. The Super Series is a Category 1, 3-point hitch mower. The drive system consists of a 90 HP gearbox and banded 3 groove drive belts.

  • Cutting Width 74'
  • Overall Width 84'
  • Weight 980 lbs.
  • # of Scoop Knives 36
  • # of Dethatching Knives 36
  • # of Industrial Knives 72
  • Height Adjustment 0-6'
  • Input PTO Speed 540
  • Gearbox Rating 90 HP
  • HP Requirement 30-50
  • Cutter Drum Speed 1850 rpm

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