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Fytaforce Plant is a high quality biofertiliser which contains a great biodiversity of positive micro-organisms that naturally occur on and around the plant It is developed for foliar application and in specific circumstances for soil or substrate application to restore the natural balance of micro-organisms and to stimulate a better uptake of other fertilisers. With a natural balance of micro-organisms around the plant, the plant is more vital and resilient. Fytaforce Plant is ISO 22000 certified, which guarantees a high quality at all times.


  • Provides positive micro-organisms that naturally occur on and around the plant.
  • Contributes to a balance of the micro-organisms on and around the plant.
  • Improves the uptake of nutrients by roots and leaves.
  • Contains numerous (trace) elements, natural vitamins, growth promoters and other metabolites.
  • Contains several types of Trichoderma spp.


  • The wish to become less dependent upon chemical inputs during the cultivation of crops.
  • The wish to maintain healthy plants in a natural way.
  • When customers require products which are produced with less environmental impact.
  • If regulation requires that crops are grown with less chemical inputs and/or fertilisers.


  • A more resilient crop due to the recovery of the natural balance of micro-organisms around the plant.
  • Less nutrient shortages within the plant.
  • A decrease in cutting- and seed decline.
  • An improved settlement of the plants after planting.
  • A more vital crop.
  • A better colour of the crop with healthy and shiny leaves.
  • A stronger crop which is more resistant against extreme circumstances.
  • Plants will grow better after re-plant.
  • A significant decrease in the needed amount of chemical inputs during cultivation.


  • Allowed to be used in organic agriculture under Regulation (EC) No 889/2008.
  • A ready-to-use product.
  • Safe in use; free of chemicals.
  • Compatible with most of the liquid fertilisers of Soiltech and ready-to-use fertigation solutions.

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