Model G 107D - Rototillers


This model includes all the features of the model has GF85D, is equipped with a differential (the non-powered wheels that allows the blocking of individual wheels or their turning at different speeds which greatly helps in difficult operating conditions, especially when turning.) Delivered with diesel and gasoline engines. Three speeds forward and three back. When the diesel engine is possibility of installing an electrical ignition. Adjusted for difficult working conditions in all gears, wheels are robust and aggressive and reduced vibration levels. Plough has an adjustable working width from 58 cm to 70 cm.

  • Engine: Robin Subaru, Lombardini
  • KW (HP): 6.1 (8.3) / 8 (10.9)
  • Transmission: 3 + 3R, the system with the clutch: Inverter the transmission into reverse.
  • Differential Lock: Yes, the system lock on the selector lever.
  • Weight: 148 kg
  • Working width: 48 cm
  • Engine: 265 cc / 441 cc
  • Width throwers: Adjustable to 68 cm, 47 cm and 37 cm
  • Knives: The diameter of the blade 31.5 cm
  • Max. depth: 16 cm

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