Model G 131 - Rototillers


Grillo G131 cultivator is a machine of exceptional strength, the strongest in Grillo offer motocultivators. The transmission has a 7-speed (5 forward + 2 reverse) with the possibility of adjusting to a stronger or a weaker level. Electric ignition key. The possibility of choosing a diesel engine with 11KW or 12KW. Adjusted for difficult working conditions in all gears and working width of the blade is 70 cm. The clutch is adapted to difficult working conditions. Handles are swivel 180 degrees and suitable height. These models are the following connections: mowers, plows, rotary plows, carts, rotary tiller for stamping stone in the ground, snow thrower and others.

  • Engine: Lombardini
  • KW (PS) 9 (12.2)
  • Transmission: 4 + 2R, oil bath. The system with the clutch
  • Differential Lock: Yes, the system lock on the selector lever
  • Weight: 208 kg
  • Working width: 70 cm
  • Engine: 510 cc
  • Width throwers: Adaptable to 55 cm and 700 cm (85 cm with an extension)
  • Knives: The diameter of the blade 36 cm
  • Max. depth: 18 cm

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