- Model G 89/93 MS 40 - Tomato Harvester



The tomato  harvester G 89/93 MS 40“ has been especially designed for large production requirements. it is equipped with a single 40 channel electronic sorter and it is the must suitable choice for farmers with enormous tomato harvesting requirements but without exasperate product sorting needs. The rotating shaker with vibrating spokes and alternated Johnson drive system, in the version with three counterweights, offers supreme separation capacities. The production rate is highly increased but the tomatoes are still handled with utmost delicacy. The upgraded discharge belt of in amazing 81.5 cm in width has an exceptional conveyance capacity. The hydraulic system has been strengthened with the addition of 2 supplementary lines for a total of 9 independent lines, each of which is powered by its own pump fitted on the coupler with three connectors, making the already perfect system even more reliable.

The tomato harvesters of the G-89/93 series are the evolution of the amazingly successful G89 model, which revolutionised tomato harvesting In the 90’s. These machines are very much appreciated worldwide thanks to their outstanding production capacity and reliability, achieved thanks to constant development and to the use of top quality materials and components

  • Guaresi tomato harvesters have been explicitly designed to be absolutely versatile. They can indeed work in the widest variety of environmental conditions. This natural versatility can be further upgraded by installing specific accessories and optional equipment based on the client’s personal requirements.
  • Driver's cab
  • Powered roller;
  • Electronic debris removal system Leaf separator scroll Flywheel pick-up
  • Sickle pick-up          
  • Lubrification system          
  • Nitrogen header lightening device       
  • Rubber funnel          
  • Automatic levelling system of the sorter       
  • Low pressure tyres          
  • Additional shaker sticks   

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