Gingrich Enterprises, Inc.

- Model 1004 - Box Scrapers



Width: 10', Weight: 2140#, Tractor HP: 90-150


GEI Box Scrapers are ideal for removing snow or shaping gravel while grading lanes.

They are also an ideal tool for moving dirt when building or reworking waterways.

Metal Thickness:

1/4″ Bowl

3/8″ Side Plates

Standard Equipment: 

All box scrapers are equipped with hydraulic tilt, a perfect hitch, removable spindles as well as having replaceable/adjustable side gates, and a replaceable cutting edge.  Also included is an empty weight box that is to be filled with weight by customer.

Optional Equipment:

A hydraulic-actuated scarifier bar can be added at any time to loosen the soil in front of the scraper reducing the amount of time required to complete the job.

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