MB di Bergonzi Valter & C. Sas

Model G304 - Agricultural Duster



Agricultural duster for conventional, biological and integrated treatments with sulphur powder and/or other single or premixed powder products

  • Housing fan: two side outputs
  • Applications: classic vineyard trellises - with long arms canopy vineyards
  • Capacity: 100 Kg - 140 L
  • Fan diameter: 300 mm
  • Total range: 6-8 m
  • Standard equipment: Adjustable diffusers and manual lever for regulating powder
  • Power consumption: 3-4 HP
  • Weight when empty: 65 Kg
  • Height: 110 cm
  • Total width: 105 cm
  • Depth: 80 cm

  • Tank: in polyethylene, capacity 100 Kg - 140 L, quick fastening screw-on lid
  • Agitator: Mechanical, alloy, inside the powder tank
  • Multiplier: in cast aluminium with oil-bath tempered spiral bevel gears; standard cardan joint Z6 1-3/8' at 540 rpm.
  • The dusters have a direct drive gears mechanism. 
  • The use of a cardan joint with a limiter is necessary for a complete guarantee of the gears (see user manual)
  • Fan: in dynamically balanced steel with closed moulded blades
  • Conveyor: fan housing made of cast aluminium with two direct side outputs already divided in equal measure on the left and right sides for greater range and better distribution
  • Powder adjustment: by means of manual lever with graduated positions from 0 to 5 - possibility for manual remote adjustment control with a rigid wire out and back
  • Diffusers: adjustable direction, fishtail, in polyethylene with oscillating anti-break chain in the event of an impact
  • Frame: painted, weight-bearing, with 3 point hitch

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