Gode SAS

Model G3P - Magnetic Electric Grease Gun



The only one electric grease gun with a magnetic support greater safety for the user. One hand free. 

Remote controll
G3P grease gun is the only grease gun designed with a removable remote controll.
This exclusivity let to reach hard-to-reach spots.
Advantages :

  • only one hand to hold the end
  • turning on the machine is easier

Amount of grease
G3P grease greases according to the bearing diameter.

Advantages :

  • increase the lifetime of bearings
  • eco-friendly
  • save grease

Shoulder strap
One hand free.

Advantages :

  • safety

Fast cartridge installation
fast installation of the grease cartidge without spring or handle.

quarter turn blocking system.

Advantages :

  • fast installation
  • choice of type and brand of grease.

Pressure command

Pressure regulation command.

Advantages :

  • Avoid the breaking of bearing sealings.
  • Increase the lifetime of your equipment.

LEDs makes you quickly know about the battery level in order to plan your lubrification work.

Advantage :

  • to plan the battery charging

Technical data
Noise level 78 dB
Maximum pressure limited: 200 bars
Flow 1.5 gr/s at 30 bars
Power 288 watts
Delivered in a flight case 570*430*145mm

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