Model G40 - Seed Treater



The G40 is based on the same time proven principles of the G3 Treater, The G40 will treat wheat at 40 bu / minute and barley at 50 bu / minute, All G40 packages come with our new TX8E Transfer Auger. This 8' transfer auger has a built in seed flow control kit to regulate the grain flow to the treater and a 3hp 230v electric motor with a built in forward / reverse switch for easy cleanout between varieties, The G40 applicator can also be rigid mounted to the bottom of a hopper bin for treating of delicate crops or when being used in a seed plant situation, Units come fully calibrated to ensure that you apply the correct rate of chemical in a uniform manner to all your seed, The new TX8E transfer auger comes with high speed axles and a swing away hitch for road transport between locations.

  • Units can be configured with a 120L or 240L Mix & Treat supply unit.
  • Units have a built in product transfer function.
  • They can transfer product directly from bulk drums or totes to the product storage tanks.
  • Units can be configured with optional double shoot insert to allow sequential product application without tank mixing products
  • The MTS is capable of treating a full tandem load of seed (500 bu) in ten minutes.
  • All product transfer is done in a closed loop system reducing exposure.

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