JAGODA JPS Agromachines

- Fruit Harvester Machine with Umbrella


GACEK fruit tree hydraulic shaker is designed for harvesting not only cherries, olives, walnuts but also other stone fruits, for example, plums. The fruits are being strewn from the tree then by the tree shaking machine, all impurities like leaves or twigs are removed with a fan and the fruits are being dumped into boxes or box pallets. In order to achieve the best work effects, proper preparation of the orchard is extremely important for harvesting cherries, walnuts, olives, plums and other fruits. It is a basic condition for a good operation of GACEK fruit tree trunk shaker. Trees should be maintained much higher than in case of an orchard designed for manual harvesting.

  • Tree shaker GACEK  a modern solution was adopted  – reversed ‘umbrella’ that is opened hydraulically under the tree before shaking the fruits.
  • In order to operate GACEK two or three people are needed: one tractor driver and 1-2 persons for handling the tree shaker.
  • GACEK machine is especially recommended for family farms with cherry orchard area of up to 5 ha. In optimal conditions, GACEK can collect fruits from 50-60 trees/hour.

  • Mounting method: Hook to the tractor joist. Category 2
  • Drive: Tractor’s hydraulics
  • Transport length: 4 800 mm
  • Max. working length: 5 200 mm
  • Total transport width: 2 400 mm
  • Wheelbase in the transport position: 1 530 mm
  • Wheelbase in the working position: 1 905 mm
  • Max. working width: 3 700 mm
  • Height: 2 400 mm
  • Weight: ok. 900 kg
  • Scope of paws grip: 50 – 200 mm
  • Required hydraulic pump consumption: min. 25 l/min
  • Harvest accuracy: ok. 95 %
  • Number of operators (collection to pallet-boxes): 2
  • Number of operators (collection of boxes 400x600x150mm): 3
  • Output: around 0.5 ha (8-10 h)

  • Space between raws: min 4 m
  • Space between trees in a raw: min 2.2 m
  • Max crown diameter: max 3.5 m
  • Trunk height: min 0.7 m