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- Model A-310 - Quality Control Sampler



The Gamet model A-310 sampler is ideal for use in quality control and bagging operations. Standard units are available with both 10” and 16” long sample tubes. Both mount and operate identically. This device can be used to sample grain, meal, powder, pellets, and other dry bulk aggregate materials up to 1/2” in diameter. Sample frequency is easily adjusted and can cycle 12 to 120 times per hour. Each stroke of the 10” sampler produces about 1/2 dry pint of product. The 16” unit will produce about 3/4 dry pint per cycle.

  • 10” stroke pneumatic cylinder
  • 110 volt pneumatic directional control valve
  • mounting assembly to fit the bottom of an inclined spout or bin
  • Pneumatic flow control valves 
  • Serial number tag and EMC approved safety/warning labels
  • Fixed volume of sample collected per cycle
  • Use on grain, meal and pellet products

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