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- Model 127005 - 2.45 Active RFID Beaconing Tag


GAO's active RFID beaconing tag is especially useful in asset locating & tracking and warehouse inventory management. In a typical application, a user would locate the area of the asset and program the ID for the specific item into the RFID reader. When the reader signals the tag, its built in LED will flash making the asset easy to locate. This tag provides a read range of up to 30 m. It also provides a tamper resistant mechanism causing it to send an alert if an attempt is made to remove the tag.

  • Good for On-Metal Applications
  • Reliable RF signal and communication distance even in unfriendly environments
  • Tamper-resitant with alarm
  • 100 tag/s identification rate, 2,000 tag management
  • Transmits ID every 2 seconds
  • Reader communication is bi-directional providing two commands: Addressing command and Stop Addressing Command

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