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The vertical Garden Tower allows you to grow 50 plants in almost any space. The garden tower allows for composting in the center! The Garden Tower has 45 openings around the outside and space for up to 5 taller plants on top, resulting in an impressively bountiful harvest. Along with the top, side planting pockets are large enough to accommodate compact root vegetables such as turnips, carrots, and radishes.

What is it made of?

The Garden Tower body is made from 100% recyclable food-grade plastic. Its simple, sturdy construction ensures many years of trouble-free use. The plastic currently used to produce the composting vertical Garden Tower is food-grade high density polyethylene. We selected HDPE because it is free of BPA and other plasticizers and impurities that can become bio-available over time. In time, we plan to explore the available bio-based plastics to further reduce our footprint. The tower is engineered to provide ten years of resistance to UV radiation before the integrity of the tower's shell is significantly reduced; however, in many scenarios the first life of a Garden Tower could be much longer. Currently, the core compost tube (which is not exposed to sunlight/UV radiation) is high quality potable water PVC. At the end of a tower's lifecycle, this non-recyclable component can be removed and reused as an in-ground worm composter for a garden. We are in the process of phasing out non-HDPE plastics from the Garden Tower.
What Soil to use?

Like all container gardens, the Garden Tower requires potting soil as a growing media. Plain garden soil will not work because it will quickly compact in a pot or container, constraining the root system and depriving it of the necessary oxygen that roots need to survive. Peat-based soilless potting mixes that contain no soil are the most popular.
Do I need worms?

Yes, add about 1/2 cup of worms as soon as you have a few inches of kitchen scraps in the 'compost tube.' The worms help create a rich soil and break down your compost.

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