Garlic Planter



The planter is for planting garlic and bulbous  plants. The machine is made up of separate sections that are hanged independent by on paralerogram and move on strengthening roller. The driver´s seats are installed in the machine frame so that it does not burder the individual sections. According to the customer´s wish we can produce form 2 to 6 rows.

For a complete production line for growing garlic can be supplied other machine such as soil milling machine and weeding machine. We are currently preparing digger. These machines be found on our website´s sections soil milling machineweeding machine.

  • Working width: 1050- 2200 mm
  • Transport width: 2500 mm
  • Working depth: 40-90 mm
  • Spacing: 350-550 mm
  • Distance cloves: 100-185 mm
  • Energy resource: up to 40 kW

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