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Layer houses with cages have as basic options: Using the Gasolec Orion Light System with Red lamps. Using the Gasolec Orion Light System with a combination of Red and White lamps. The usage of only red lamps gives good results, although some farmers prefer a combination with white lamps to have the advantage of a better inspection and extra stimuli during the first weeks of the laying period. Making a light plan for rearing and production of layers in the same house as well as the lighting of layers in alternative systems needs special attention from the specialists of Gasolec, since the conditions can vary a lot from one house to another.

Most frequent demonstrated advantages:

  • Reduction of stress
  • Reduction of cannibalism
  • Stimulating egg production
  • Improved Feed Conversion Rate
  • Improved uniformity of the birds
  • Less mortality
  • Tremendous savings on electricity consumption

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