Gasolec B.V.

- Model G12 - Infrared Heater



More than 4 years can be attributed to the evolution of the G12. The success of our M and S type heaters has played a dramatic role in the design of the G12.  After listening to the needs and wants of our customers, we set a goal to design a 12kW / 42,000 Btu infrared radiantheater that projects a larger heat pattern with minimal use of fuel and maintains the simplistic design Gasolec is known for. With the introduction of the G12 heater, we challenge other manufactures in the canopy market.

  • 90% of the emitter surface is intact, providing maximum infrared output
  • Canopy designed to maximize the spread of the infrared warmth outwards
  • Available with pilot or electric ignition
  • Unique pilot guard design eliminates pilot flame blow outs (e.g. tunnel ventilation)
  • Low maintenance
  • Standard with a heavy-duty dust filter
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Optimum air intake for clean burning and low emissions

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