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The MT element is the ideal answer to the problems of modern agriculture in which maximum effi ciency must be combined with minimum cost. Among the special technical characteristi cs of the MT is the allrollermovement, which off ers excellent performance in any soil conditi ons: ti lied (traditi onal seeding), minimum ti llage, or the presence of residue from rpevious crops.The MT off ers a numebr of advantages with respect to traditi onal planti ng machines: these include superior speed and, thanks to the dual levelling wheels, a constant planti ng depth which ensures that the plants emerge at exactly the same height.

  • Pressure and/or relief spring
  • Quick release system
  • Plastic hopper - capacity 36 I
  • Seeding depth adjustment precise and linear
  • Stainless steel double eliminator
  • Rear press wheel (2' rubber V-wheel, 1' rubber V-wheel, cast iron f V-wheel, 0 370 Farmflex rubber wheel)
  • Independent side depth wheels with rocker
  • Cast aluminium body
  • 0 370 disc-opener with double row ball bearing
  • Adjustable bed leveler
  • Reliable quick-release cardan drive with acoustic warning: maintenance free
  • Self-lubricating sinterized bushings: maintenance free
  • Opens easily to facilitate disc replacement, low-friction seal

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