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- Model 16k - Gooseneck Trailer Tandem Axle



The Gator made 16k gooseneck trailer has been engineered to be the longest lasting, best looking, and most valuable gooseneck trailer in its weight class. This trailer is the perfect for those who have the materials or equipment that require overall weight carrying capacity of 10500 lbs.

Who uses the gator gooseneck 16000 gvwr series?
This gator U.S.A. 16000 pound deck over the wheel gooseneck trailer is used by a multitude of businesses/owners. Typically, these trailers are used by equipment companies, excavation contractors, builders, farm operations, including tobacco, hay, cotton, and large horse farms. The trailer is also used by: oil field suppliers, pipe haulers, gate haulers, hot shot companies, large drill bit services, equipment rental companies, machinery movers, large off-road jeep/buggy haulers, and antique tractor users. 

What are the common uses for the Gatormade 16k gooseneck trailer?
The gator 16k gooseneck is well suited for hot shot freight services, oil field supply contractors, natural gas drillers, pipe haulers, mud motor suppliers, bit service companies, energy field suppliers, equipment companies, skid loaders, back hoes, man lifts, small bull dozers, and tractors. Many users also use our flatbed series trailers as a platform to permanently mount specialized equipment, such as: chemical spray equipment and tanks.

What advantages does the Gator 16000 lb gooseneck trailer feature as compared to the competition?
All in all, the Gatormade gooseneck has been engineered with attention to detail in every aspect. Quality, Safety, Value, and long term performance are all part of this equation. The Gator Made 16000 pound gooseneck is a complete trailer. Whereas, most companies in the industry simply provide a basic, stripped down trailer. Gatormade provides a trailer with all the necessary features that will allow you to safely and efficiently handle your hauling jobs. This trailer is ready to work as soon as it comes off our assembly line! There is no need to waste time or effort trying to locate parts or options needed to complete your trailer. This gator is ready to tackle the job. 

  • The gator tuff powder coat finish is a special formulation using rust inhibitors and great ultra violet protection. The gator tuff powder coat is much more durable than regular sprayed on paint finishes. This powder coat is extremely important if you have a company image to maintain or if you use the trailer in an environment that experiences extreme winter weather. The gator powder coat is also very durable in coastal environments that tend to push the limits of regular paint.
  • 40 inch wide loading ramps. These ramps are the (original) wide ramps in the entire industry. Gator made trailers pioneered this design 8 years ago, and the ramps have been sought after ever since! This ramp design has been tested and proven for the last 8 years! There has NEVER been a ramp failure with this design. The benefits of this ramps include:
    • Very simple, safe and easy to handle and much easier and more safe to handle than 3 fold flat ramps, or a pop up center like many trailer feature
    • allows the ability to load both wide track and narrow track equipment. Simply fold the ramps down and load!
    • safety! This ramp system is extremely easy and safe to use. Consider just how easy it is to UNLOAD your equipment off the gator gooseneck 40 inch wide ramps. No longer do you have to fear slipping off a small ramp that is difficult to see as you unload your equipment. UNLOAD WITH CONFIDENCE!
    • Two trailers in one! This design allows the convenience of loading equipment on a trailer with a dovetail. Yet it also allows you the added bonus of having a complete flat-bed trailer when the dovetail is not in use! This allows full use of the trailer bed and ramps when carrying items such as pallets, lumber, steel, etc.
  • Side steps that are easy and safe to use: there is a boarding step located on both front corners of the gooseneck trailer. These steps also have a boarding handle that is located on the headboard of the trailer. You can just as easily get on and off this trailer, as you can walking up your stairs at home! No more concern that you cannot see the side step as you choose to get off the trailer (like most brands have). Get on and off of this trailer safely!
  • Work light bar: The work light bar that is located on top of the gooseneck has 2 uses. One it allows you to light up your trailer deck at night for more loading visibility or visibility if you are using the trailer as a work platform. Two stop and signal lights. There are stop and turn signal lights mounted to the top of the gooseneck headboard. This is an added safety feature that allows both forward facing and rearward facing traffic to observe your brake and signal lights. Just another way Gator is keep you more safe on the road!
  • Deluxe lighting. The Gator gooseneck trailers are highly recognizable due to the work light bar on top of the gooseneck. However, there are other deluxe lighting features to consider. Each trailer comes complete with special light trim packages on the front corners of the gooseneck, between the wheel wells, and on the rear of the trailer. These are not those industry standard (generic) light tabs like most companies use. These add to the overall look and durability of the lighting system. All lights on the trailer are also long lasting, very visible LED lights! The wire and light backs have been designed to specifically protect from environmental elements such as: mud, corrosion, or ice build-up. The trailer also features spot lights mounted on top of the bed for additional visibility at night. There is also a spot light that is mounted near the front of the neck that will allow extra visibility while using the front tool box or side steps.
  • Self-cleaning dovetail. This dovetail has been designed to be self-cleaning, provide maximum traction and to be extra durable. The angle iron on this dovetail is 3x2. Whereas most companies simply use a lighter 2x2 angle.
  • Mounted spare tire. A spare tire is conveniently located in the neck of the trailer. The spare tire is INCLUDED on the gator trailer, not an option! The placement of the tire allows you to easily remove the tire and wheel if the need arises. Most companies place it on top of the neck and it becomes a difficult task to remove it when needed.
  • Mounted fire extinguisher. This is the one item that could potentially save both your truck and trailer.

Standard features:

  • 40 inch wide power x 60 inch (l) assist ramps up and down
  • Enclosed wiring
  • Gator tuff powder coat finish
  • Steps on each side of bed with boarding handles
  • 102 inch overall bed width
  • Modular sealed wiring harness
  • Mounted spare tire
  • 40 inch tall enclosed headboard for load protection
  • Self cleaning dovetail
  • Complete break-away kit with battery and charger
  • Lockable steel tool box w/lid holder between gooseneck uprights
  • Rubber mounted sealed lighting
  • Safety reflective marker tape
  • Driver side mounted type abc fire extinguisher
  • All led lighting
  • Work light bar on top of headboard

Optional features:

  • 14 ply radial tire upgrade
  • Stand-up ramp bars
  • 20+5, 25+5 lengths
  • Under the deck steel storage box
  • Winch plate in deck
  • Weld-on d-rings
  • Removable stake pocket d-rings
  • 6 ft x 8 ft deck over neck
  • Ratchet rail with slide ratchets
  • No dovetail
  • 5th wheel gooseneck coupler

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