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Model GB-750A - Hid Light Ballast



CE UL approval. Preheat start. Advanced driver IC. Wide range voltage, constant power. Local/remote working condition indicator. Suitable for 750W HPSL, Voltage:380V 50/60Hz.

  • Max case temperature is 75°C.
  • Max ignition voltage is 5kV.
  • If lamp does not be lighten ,bllast will be automatic stop working after 25 minutes.
  • Ballast stops working due to protection and other reasons, if you disconnect the ballast supply voltage, the source must be one minute later to re-supply.
  • Ballast power supply must be disconnected before replacing the lamp.

  • Short-circuit protection.
  • Open circuit protection
  • Light failure protection
  • End of lamp life protection.

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