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Model GB - Grassland Aerator



Compaction in the top layer of grassland occurs more and more often. This is caused by rainfall, livestock damage and traffic with heavy machines. The Evers Grassland Aerator is a machine which can relieve the surface compaction in your grassland. There are many benefits: Higher yields with more quality, better absorption of water, oxygen and plant food elements and less chance for unwanted grass species to grow. The machine is adjustable to vary the aggressiveness of the blades in order to get more or less aeration and to prevent damage to the sward. There are 2 versions of these machines, mounted in the 3 point linkage and trailed. The trailed implementation of the Evers grassland aerator can become to provide with a hydraulic lifting device in which for example the grassland harrow or a chain harrow can be mounted. Because of this are you able to  combine several activities.

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