GameChange Racking

GC Ballasted Roof System



Industry's best quality, price and install time. Just two snap-together components for fast install. ETL / UL 1703/2703 fire tested, durable aluminum and stainless components. 5 and 10 degree tilts. 20 year warranty - Made in USA. ETL / UL 2703 tested. Independent assessment by Black & Veatch. Wind tunnel tested by industry leader CPP.

  • Just two snap-together component
  • Fire proof, durable aluminum and stainless components
  • Robust, hi-tech wind deflectors reduce ballast, typical loading 3.0 to 4.8 psf
  • Aluminum and stainless steel components, 5, 10 and 15° tilt
  • Grounding with teethed module clamps: approved under ETL/UL 2703
  • Full layout and engineering analysis for every project
  • Custom pan sizes available with shorter row spacing for increased array density
  • 120 MPH wind rated, 55 psf ground snow load rated
  • Teethed module clamps included-approved by ETL to UL 467
  • East-West configuration available with 5° tilt and 8.5 inch row spacing for space constrained roofs
  • Pre-punched mounting holes for micro inverters and DC optimizers
  • Unique design innovations with patents pending
  • Made in the U.S.A

  • Fastest install time; 50% less than competitors
  • Can be installed on any flat roof
  • All EW and NS string wiring may be done using integrated wiring features before panelizing
  • Five men install 200 panels, racks and ballast per day
  • 15 men install, .93 MW per week
  • Free on-site training and installation supervision
  • 3 trucks per MW typical

  • Wind tunnel tested by industry leader CPP and rated for 60 psf snow and 120 mph wind
  • Unique design innovations with patents pending
  • Passed rigorous ETL/UL2703 testing requirements
  • ETL/UL 467 GameChange teethed panel mounting clamps rated to 1180 amps
  • Class A fire rating tested by ETL to UL 1703 & 2703: covers essentially all available modules
  • Meets IBC and ASME standards for structural loading
  • ETL / UL 2703 tested
  • Independent assessment by Black & Veatch
  • Warranty 20 years
  • Minimum order size 300 KW

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