- Model GCCI Series - 1-Row Trailed Carrot Harvester



The Dewulf GCCI single row, trailed carrot harvester with multiple box system offers flexibility, productivity and easy operation. Just like the trailed 2-row elevator model GKIIS, the GCCI also has a single round tube chassis, which offers very good visibility at the harvesting process and simplified access.  The round chassis also avoids soil and debris piling up on the frame.

Multiple box system

The harvester picks up four 1000 kg or eight 500 kg boxes effortlessly, while the cross belt fills 2 boxes directly after each other, by transferring the product in two directions. This enhances stability and reduces stress on the chassis.

Easy transport

The box system allows the operator to unload the boxes without maneuvering the machine around. For easy road transport, the box conveyor system is folded-up quickly, in order to comply with road restrictions and legislation.

Round chassis

Soil and debris is no longer being carried on frame members and crossbars, but falls directly on the field.

Robust depth control

Shares and picking element operate independently. This guarantees stability and perfect positioning of the shares in the ground. The picking element is standard equipped with depth control.

Smooth intake

The GCCI has slightly inclining picking belts which ensure a smooth intake of the carrots. The belts can handle high speeds and the rotating direction can be changed.

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