Model GD 30 - Grain Dehuller


JPT GD 30 is designed for efficient and economic oats dehulling. The device is also suitable for soybeans, spelt and sunflower seed dehulling. JPT GD 30 operates with a 4kW motor. Dehulling capacity 2000-3000 kg/h depending on which product. The husk separation is done by an integrated wind separator, additional equipment is a fan and a separation cyclone.

  • Capacity 2000-3000 kg/h 
  • Length 1100 mm 
  • Width 1100 mm 
  • Height 2100 mm 
  • Weight 400 kg 
  • Motor 4kW 
  • Assemblies: 
    • The inlet assembly 100 mm 
    • Cores discharge assembly 200 mm 
    • The suction assembly 200x200 mm 
    • Shell separator assembly 200x200 mm 

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