Model GE-1000 - Gopher Eliminator


The Gopher Eliminator is built with larger tractors in mind but will work fine on smaller tractors as well.  It has category 2 & 3 three point hookups, a well built frame, and all the components to withstand the horsepower of larger tractors. The Gopher Eliminator is built with a 22' diameter flat coulter to cut trash and roots.  The shank is constructed of 3/4' plate and has a soil-shattering, hard-surfaced point. This replaceable point has a 'fin' on top to help prevent slabbing and bringing up large masses of will shatter and flow thru the ground.  The seed delivery system is simple and is designed to minimize plugging up. A long forming tunnel makes the bait easily accessible to the vermin.  The forming tunnel has also been hard surfaced for maximum durability. The front flat coulter and the rear gauge/drive tire are adjustable for depth.  Machine stands are mounted on each end of the three-point bar.

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