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Model GE20D - Combine Harvester



New type patented re-sheller. Pre-reserved opening for double function machine, which is suitable for corn harvest after being replaced with corn accessories. Choosable straw chopping machine to satisfy the requirement of straw recycling.

  • Engine power (ps): 82、90、100
  • Cutting width (mm): 2200、2360、2600
  • Feeding rate (kg/s): 2
  • Total loss rate (%): Wheat ≤1.2 Rice≤3.0
  • Broken rate (%): Wheat ≤1.0 Rice≤1.5
  • Impurity rate (%): Wheat≤2.0 Rice≤2.0
  • Threshing and cleaning structure type: Slip Flow + Horizontal Spindle + Centrifugal Fan + Double Layers Vibrating Screener
  • Gravure plate adjustable structure: Mechanical Controlled Adjustable Speed at Definite Ratios
  • Axis flow roller(outer diameter*length): φ550*1445
  • Grain tank capacity(m³): 1.5
  • Grain unloading type: Mechanical Grain Discharging Hopper
  • Running speed range(Km/h): 1.8~20
  • Operation weight: 4340-4500
  • Overall dimension (L*W*H) (mm): 6500*2700*3280 (Assembled with 2.36m shear platform)

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