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- Model AutoSelect 5000 - Dairy Cow Sort Gates


Linked into the herd management system DairyPlan C21 and automatic identification, AutoSelect 5000 segregates individual animals or groups from the herd, reliable: up to five way segregation: one main path and four sorting gates, sorting gates operate according to one or more rules which can be set differently for each dairy farm and sorting during a predefined period of time or on a set date. The first identification antenna identifies the animal, causing the segregation gate to open to the designated segregation area. This remains open until an animal is identified that is to be diverted to a different area. Effect: No unnecessary interruptions to cow traffic. Result: Stress-free cow flow through the segregation area.

The following animal is to be segregated to a different area. The entry gate closes behind the preceding animal. Segregation errors are avoided ensuring a high level of working efficiency.

Once the light beams report that the first animal has left the segregation area the segregation gates are reset and the entry gate opens Effect: the animal is sorted into the new allocated area. Result: calm but swift and accurate selection that is particularly suited to group segregation.

  • A reliable, fully automated individual and group segregation system
  • Up to 5 segregation paths possible for simultaneous segregation for different treatment purposes
  • Controlled via DairyPlan C21
  • Upstream identification (before the segregation area)
  • Up to two segregation channels can be arranged one after the other (flexible for many structural solutions)
  • High level of segregation reliability
  • Flexible for different structural solutions (old buildings, etc.)
  • Taxatron scales can be integrated
  • Cows can be selected in the milking parlour on the Metatron control unit

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