- Mione Milking Robot 1-Box System


The number of cows that can be milked per day and box is not dependent on technology alone. There are multiple factors which will significantly influence throughput (or the number of milkings/cow/day). For that reason, it is more logical to determine the capacity of a system by using the number of milkings. As a rule of thumb, 140-170 milkings/box/day can be used to evaluate the required number of boxes and the maximum capacity of the system.

Farmers benefit from a high efficiency in terms of labor management and costs

To develop products and technologies further and thereby taking into account customer feedback, that is the philosophy of GEA Farm Technologies. True to this maxim the milking robot MIone has been constantly developed and optimized over the past two years. The result is an intelligent milking center, which is now able to be integrated into the overall barn concept in an even better way. The MIone today offers highest efficiency in terms of labor management and costs. For this reason, practical experience of the past years has been directly and steadily flowing into product development.

Extensive technical improvements regarding the control electronics as well as the advancement of the different process control software modules now ensure a further improved teat detection with the 3D camera and thus a faster and more stable attaching. Furthermore, mechanical flaws of the previous model T!TAN have been consistently worked on, so that the system's susceptibility to interference could be significantly reduced in total. The result enables a higher level of utilization of the MIone. In order to ensure the stability of the system in the long run, GEA Farm Technologies now, within the scope of a service agreement, offers the possibility to keep each MIone, which is connected to the internet, with a monitoring and remote diagnosis software under surveillance while running. This means that a decreasing system performance can be recognized at an early stage and appropriate measures can be taken.

Users of the MIone consider user-friendliness to be very important. All standard settings of the system are easy and convenient to operate. Moreover the MIone can be configured individually, according to the respective operational needs. GEA Farm Technologies also adjusted the driver software of the milking center with the help of the extensive practical experience. That way, also the automatic milking has been more comprehensively integrated into the herd management system DairyPlan C21. As for example there are new and versatile sorting functions, new ways of data evaluation and information processing regarding animal and system monitoring as well as additional work lists for daily routines.

The MIone is more than a milking robot. An intelligent integration of the milking equipment into the overall concept also stands for an interconnection of all peripheral devices. Whether it is a direct connection of one or more sorting functions, feed stations or the centralized control of several robots over a management system, the MIone, thanks to a consistent development, offers a variety of options to adjust and fully integrate the system in accordance to operation-specific needs.

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