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A GEDA comfort 250 Ladder Lift is ideal for those roofs that a Bumpa can't reach or where space is at a premium. The various adapters and accessories mean that this hoist is ideal for transporting any kind of goods onto roofs or buildings. It can be assembled on site quickly and easily, without any tools, and can be operated easily. Their reliability makes them a favourite transport device for roofers and construction workers! These vertical aluminium hoists have already proved their reliability over the years and their utility in various applications. They are easy, quick and reliable transport units for interior work, refurbishment or repairs on flat roof buildings. GEDA can offer the appropriate load receptacle for any kind of building materials and for any kind of use. Save time and strength by using a GEDA hoist.

The 250 Comfort Ladder Lift can carry up to 250kg to a combined height including an angle track section of max. 40m.

All the hoist requires is a 110v or 240v power supply and has a lifting speed of 30 metres per minute. The base unit comes complete with a electric winch with 43m rope as standard,  21 m limit switch cable and 5m control. The standard trolley has a afety brake in case of any rope breaks as a safety feature.

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