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- Extreme Kit



Since water storage silos |are applied around the globe, materials have to be appropriate for local requirements and extreme circumstances. For this purpose Genap offers a water storage kit which combines a liner featuring chlorine and excellent UV resistance with an easy-to-install silo.

This water storage kit comes with corrugated galvanized steel plates of only 2,23 meter length, bolts and nuts to connect the plates, a UV & chlorine resistant Aquatex® Extreme PVC liner, wall- & bottom protection geotextile, an anti-algae cover and a toolbox to assemble the silo.

The short plates ensure easy installation by only two people whilst the liner is designed for storing water containing chlorine also in areas with high UV-exposure and the anti-algae cover reduces algae growth in the silo considerably.

Moreover, transport cost will be reduced considerably since up to 25% less loading space is occupied since all components will be shipped in a stackable, cardboard box on a pallet which can be loaded transverse in either truck or container.

  • UV-resistant PVC liner, chlorine resistant up to 3 ppm.
  • All components in one box; no separate accessories which can be lost
  • Easy on-site installation with short panels and included tools
  • Reduced transport cost per system
  • Available in capacities ranging from 2m3 to 350m3

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