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Genap has developed various types of watertight foil specifically for every imaginable application within the horticultural sector. The silo linings that we produce using these are supplied under the general name Aquatex. And because each user’s requirements and wishes are different various types of Aquatex materials are also available in our product range. You can of course also order our silo linings in any required size, with or without pre-welded outlets.

Material choice
Under the name Aquatex®, Genap offers you a complete range of silo liners thai has been compiled specifically for the horticultural sector. Because the use can vary, these silo liners are available in a variety of foil types and in every imaginable size:

Aquatex® EX black, thicknesses 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm. A very high-quality polypropylene foil that is suitable for storing rainwater, clean water or recirculation water. Aquatex® EX is ideally suited for uses whereby high requirements are set for temperature, UV-resistance and high chemical resistance.

Aquatex9 PVC black, thicknesses 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm. Suitable for storing rainwater, clean water and chlorinated water up to 0.5 PPM.

Aquatex* PVC Extreme, while, thickness 0.75 mm.
This is a while foil that has been specially developed for export to countries in which there is high exposure to UV. The material is suitable for storing rainwater, clean water and recirculation water. It is also chlorine-resistant to 3PPM.

Aquatex® EPDM, black, thickness 0.75 mm. EPDM is a synthetic high-tech rubber with great elasticity and durability. Its high resistance to ozone and UV radiation as well as its excellent chemical resistance make this material perfect for storing almost all types of water for horticulture.

Wall and bottom protection sheet 250 gr/m2
Wall and bottom protection sheets consist of a 250 gr/m2 protective cloth that is used as a protective layer between steel silo walls and the lining and between the bottom and the lining. This prevents any sharp parts from damaging the foil.

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