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- Slurry Reservoir



A very simple but effective method of storage of slurry is an open pit lined with foil. The reservoir is easy to dig and the excavated soil is used as embankment. For the lining of the reservoir we offer Fecatex®, a KIWA certificated PVC foil. We can also supply other foils on request.

Bank Protection
The embankment of the reservoir is covered with Genatex® 1000 bank protection. This is a fabric, specially developed for protection of foils. This protection sheet also improves the life time of your slurry reservoir.

Closed Reservoir
The slurry reservoir can be covered with Genatex 850, an reinforced PVC foil. The slurry is inserted between the sheets, which makes it a fully closed system. This fully closed system meets the statutory on covering slurry and comes under KIWA certificate K2455/93.

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