- Model GP - General Purpose Buckets



Nye General Purpose buckets are designed for most digging conditions including light shale and rock. Customers often call our GP class buckets “heavy duty”. All Nye buckets exceed manufacturers’ specifications regardless of class.

GP Bucket (Pin-on)

  • Available in all widths for all excavators.
  • Designed with tapered side cutters for easy excavating and dumping.
  • Wear straps are standard in all buckets.

GP Bucket

  • Available for 2 to 180t excavators.
  • Built for compatibility and maximum durability.
  • Designed and built to be compatible with pin grabbers.

GP Bucket

  • Standard and High capacities for every size class of machine.
  • Revised geometry profile for improved performance.

GP Bucket

  • Designed with short or long lead bottom for greater breakout force in tough digging conditions.
  • Tapered for less drag, increases productivity and decreases wear on the bucket.

GP Bucket (Volvo QC)

  • Cutting edge, side cutters and side plates designed with high-strength alloy plate.
  • Superior design for faster digging cycles.

GP Bucket (Narrow Version)

  • Designed for narrow trenching.
  • Lighter weight for enhanced penetration.
  • GP Bucket (Stealth QC)
  • Designed and built for any machine.
  • Renowned reliability and performance.

GP Bucket

  • Slightly heavier than standard.
  • Customer's choice of Teeth.
  • Optional bolt-on side cutters.

XHD Trenching Bucket (QC)

  • Solid T1 sides.
  • Extra lead for working around services.
  • Solid QT* side plates.
  • Optional depressed center semi-spade lip.
  • Optional side cutters and wear plates.

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