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- Transport/Spreader Trailer



Transport/Spreader trailer with system of unloading and compression with horizontal push. Capacity from 14.000 to 20.000 kg. Genius is a trailer with an innovative tipping system with a horizontal thrust by hydraulically operated gate.

Genius is particularly suitable for transporting and unloading of grain, silage, straw and other bulk materials. Furthermore, by the original 2 vertical rolls which are applicable to the body of trailer, it became a practical manure spreader. Two hydraulic jacks allow to easily lift the spreading equipment safely and unload its cargo in bulk.

These are the considerable advantages of a machine definitely innovative and almost unique in the market:     

  • Body is completely watertight       
  • No chains for movement of the products to unload or spread       
  • Facilitated unloading in buildings with low ceiling: it's sufficient just 3 meters from the floor       
  • Safe unloading even on slope       
  • Possibility of compression of materials       
  • Weight of machine which is at the lower part, compared with similar products, due to the integral construction

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