Genomic Industry

- Model µ-Grinder/µ-Sampler 96 - For Increases Analysis


Designed to strongly develop your laboratory by increasing productivity, ground remains quality and homogeneity, while reducing costs.

Your  job is to create or to supply seeds and R&D in this field MGrinder MSampler 96 Selection and creation of new varieties Control of the varieties produced.

  • Grind small grains : 96 samples in microplate, in 4 mn without transfer for DNA extraction
  • Versatility matrices grinding (hard grains, pea, corn, soy bean from 1 to 15 grains per well)
  • Optimal and constant granulometry
  • Reliable reproductibility of manipulation with traceability
  • No risk of cross contamination
  • Up to 10 grinding protocols can be stored in the industrial automate
  • Ability to adapt the controller to your matrices and different types of microplates
  • Grinder adaptable to your analysis needs : possibility to add an automatic sampler “µ-Sampler 96″ and a cleaning system for the shafts
  • Proved robutness

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