George Moate Ltd.

- Double Bed Tillerstar


This machine is hydraulic folding and is capable of making two 72” / 1.8m or two 80” / 2.0m beds. It requires a minimum 200hp at PTO. It is fitted with a 330hp gearbox and two auto reset clutches. It has 4 rows of stars which can be spaced from 23mm to 38 mm, depending on how fine a tilth is required. Standard machines are supplied with bed shapers for potatoes, double flange on rotors, star cleaners, armatech blades, a centre sub soil leg and four 12″ depth wheels.

The following extras are also available:

  • Hydraulic Markers
  • Adjustable Bed Forming Hoods
  • Floating Crumbler Rollers
  • Quick Release Blade System
  • Carbide Blades
  • Upgrade to 390HP Gearbox with Oil Cooler (For hotter climates and longer working hours)
  • Rear Lighting Kit
  • Granular Applicator Unit

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